Beginners Guide to Grow on Twitch as a Newbie Streamer

A beginners guide to grow on Twitch as a newbie streamer

Beginners Guide To Grow On Twitch as Newbie Streamer

Twitch is the perfect place for people to stream their favorite video games, but it can also be a hard place for newbies to grow. Luckily, outside of the video games, there are lots of areas that are catered towards accessibility. Chat culture is one of these areas. Finding an appropriate chat app, setting up a nice shirtless with your recent social media profile on it, and listing some common interests in Twitch with easy-to-find things from League of Legends you already have in tow

Realizing your stream is important

With a newbie, you may not even know what a grow on Twitch actually means. It's the idea of your follower count going up! But there are many ways to make growth on Twitch a reality for you - one is simply creating regular content! There are so many things that can help or hinder your growth as a streamer as well as some challenges that will face anyone just starting out. Read on for more advice from an expert!

Setting Your Goals

The best way to set your goals is to make them relevant, small, and time-framed. This will help you stay motivated over the course of the stream schedule. It's not necessarily about becoming an expert at your game, it's about enjoying it enough to want to share it with others.

Realistic Expectations for your First Stream

If you're just starting out on Twitch, your first stream is more than likely nothing like what you had imagined. A lot of this might be due to unrealistic expectations that come with the idea that streaming for money will somehow be easier or more glamorous than churning away at any other gig. Talking to new streamers, I will often hear "I was so excited last night but suddenly my mic didn't work."

Tips on what to do on your first stream

Be aware of what your type is and how it will come across. Interact with viewers through chat - don't answer too many but try to answer when you can (check it periodically). Make sure that your sounds are off or on an in-game setting. Login to twitch before the start time for preparation

Background research

First, it is important to know who the competitors are. You want a general sense for viewership and engagement metrics. You also want a breakdown of their content and gameplay sessions. This will give you a good idea of what your strengths and weaknesses will be in comparison to them. Second, you need to have an audience from before you start streaming.

Set up tips for newbies

For the first few months, you need to focus on making your channel look great. One of the most important parts is choosing a good username. Unless you are already established with an audience, avoid using personal names or try to use alternate spellings for simple words.


All these tips are useful and can do wonders but nothing is guaranteed and you can find various other tips to grow on Twitch but the most important tip is simply showing passing in your work and keep on doing it in whatever it brings you happiness.

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